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In this updated article I will be looking at the Ancheer 800, Ancheer S6100, Ancheer S6200 treadmill and Ancheer S8200 to work out which one offers the best bang for your buck, to help you in the quest to get as fit as possible! Because it shouldn’t cost the earth to keep in good shape.

For those who want the facts fast, my favourites are as follows.Ancheer S8100 Review

For those in an apartment block, go for the Ancheer S8100. The likelihood is you’re in town and have little time to work out, little space to do it in, and need quick access to a high quality treadmill. That’s why I think the Ancheer S8100 is an absolute bargain. At a shade under $550, less than half the cost of the Ancheer S6200 which is my other favourite, It has all the functionality you could want at an affordable price point. It’s also going to need the least storage space.

Ancheer treadmill review

Ancheer S6200 Treadmill review

If you have $300 more to spend though, and if you really want to multi-task… Go for the Ancheer S6200! This is all singing and dancing, and will give you the best running experience. Let the miles melt away in the comfort of your own home, whilst enjoying Wi-Fi access to music and films. You’re brain can switch off and before you know it you have completed your session. It’s a fraction under $850 but well worth the money, if you can afford the space.

Ancheer treadmill review

So, let’s start with the Ancheer Treadmill 800…

Ancheer Treadmill 800 ReviewAncheer Treadmill 800 Review

So, the Ancheer Treamill 800? What has it got? Well, for starters its 4.5 HP motor will propel you up to 11.2mph and has a very reasonable 20.5-inch-wide running belt. That’s not too bad for the price, and the treadmill also benefits from a 7″ LCD display, with both USB and MP3 functionality. For the price though, would I like to see a little more? Well probably, yes. It does have a 2-year warranty on the frame and three years on the motor though. It will also take a man or woman weighing up to 460lbs.

Would I go for it though? Well, no not really. If you’re looking for something on the cheaper side there are plenty of other treadmills out there that will do the same sort of job for less Also bear in mind that for a mere $300 more you can get the Ancheer S6100. So let’s look at that next.

Ancheer treadmill review

Ancheer S6100 ReviewAncheer S6100 Review

So, one of Ancheer treadmills all singing all dancing models, and all for a fraction under $1500! The Ancheer S6100 is packed with features! Long gone is the requirement for an iPod and uncomfortable holding band on your arm, this beauty of a machine has a fully web-enabled 15.6″ screen with a hi-fi system, to enable you to stream your favourite online videos/music direct to the colour touchscreen whilst you run. This is important as you will want to make using the treadmill as painless as possible J to stop yourself from getting demotivated, so home comforts are well worth it.

On top of this the 5.0 HP noiseless drive system will help propel the belt to 12mph, while the belt itself is a very comfortable: 22 inches wide by 59 inches long. Giving you plenty of space to get into a natural stride at all times. The last thing you want to do is spend an hour worrying about coming off and twisting an ankle.

It will take up to a 440lb man or woman, and has guarantees of 3 years for the frame and 5 years for the motor. They also promise friendly customer service, and with a rating on Amazon of 4/5 I guess they are doing a good job of the customer service angle, and certainly know how to create a great value exercise package.

Ancheer treadmill review

Ancheer S8100 ReviewAncheer S8100 Review

At a touch under $750 the Ancheer S8100 treadmill is the best budget treadmill you can buy! It has all the functionality of the Ancheer 800, for less than half the price! So what does it actually have? Well, ok the motor is only 3.0HP, but it’s a low noise motor, to enable you to work out at any time, without disturbing neighbours. It also has MP3 connectivity and a speaker, as well as an LCD display with the usual settings.

It also has two incline settings, can be linked to an app to produce workout reports, and comes with the same 2 year motor and 3 year frame warranties. This is the ideal machine if you are looking for a folding treadmill that you can use when you have the time and store easily when you don’t. It is the smaller dimension Ancheer treadmill, meaning storage is generally not going to be an issue, and certainly not as much of an issue as some of the bigger and bulkier wide tracked models, as this treadmill has a 16.5″ running surface.

Ancheer treadmill review

Of course, there is a competitor for similar money to the Ancheer 8100…

Ancheer 6200 Treadmill Review

Ancheer S6200 Treadmill review

The Ancheer S6200 treadmill is Ancheers attempt to capture the Nordictrack models serious runners market, at a fraction of the cost at around $800… Remember my recommendation would be the Nordictrack C990 at around $1000. But how does this stack up? And is it a more serious option than the Ancheer 8100?? Well, yes, it is a more serious machine, it has a web enabled LCD screen that you can get to play any media you want. Be it video or your favourite music.

Does it offer the same experience as the Nordictrack? No. Not a chance. But does it serve a purpose? That is a RESOUNDING YES! You see, the Nordictrack is for those who want to run almost completely realistically, but in the comfort of their own home. This however serves a completely different market. With the WiFi enabled LCD touch screen, you can multi-task, saving yourself time, and getting healthy.

Also if we compare it to the Ancheer S8100, you get a better package for around $50 with the Ancheer S6200. And. It doesn’t take up that much more space. But, beware of its 300lbs weight limit. As the two year frame, three year motor warranty will be void if you don’t follow manufacturers instructions. The warranty period does make me think that they have a pretty good level of confidence in the parts though.

Ancheer treadmill review