Nordictrack Treadmill Reviews

So here we are, my Nordictrack treadmill reviews. I will be looking at the Nordictrack C990 and the Nordictrack C1650. It’s a big price gap between these two machines on the manufacturers site. But on Amazon it’s a huge difference, in the favour of my favourite!

For the facts fast, my definite favourite is the Nordictrack C990!

nordictrack c 990 treadmillWhy though? Look at the price differences between the Nordictrack C990 on Amazon and on the manufacturers site. Its basically a $1,000 (50%) discount… Whereas the Nordictrack C1650… Around the same price on both sites. Also, the total package you get with the C990 compared not only to the C1650 but also other brands, this company is marketing strongly to dominate the mid to high end price range.

Nordictrack treadmill review

So let’s start by looking at what makes this such a good deal…

Nordictrack C990 Treadmill Review

nordictrack c 990 treadmill

This treadmill has the ability to let you run anywhere in the world with a useful tablet holder allowing you to run the routes viewing the scenic routes on your tablet via Google maps. Not only that, but the treadmill will automatically change its incline to match that of the terrain of the route you have chosen! With a top speed of 12mph, and a fan that automatically adjusts to your workout intensity, the harder you run the more breeze it gives you! This machine is like running every day of the year, on a good day! Not only that, but the Nordictrack C990 treadmill benefits from flex select cushioning, yes the terrain changes the incline, but the flex cushioning far reduces risk of knee injury, compared to running the routes in real life!

All of this for half the price this machine should cost! Manufactures site for nearly $2,000… Amazon for less than $1,000. It just makes so much sense. It is the most enjoyable interface available, for those wanting to push themselves. 🙂

Nordictrack treadmill review

But what else do Nordictrack do?

Nordictrack C1650 Treadmill Review

nordictrack c1650 treadmill review

Unfortunately the Nordictrack C1650 was meant to be Nordictrack’s attempt to capture market share against Ancheer’s higher end, more like semi mid range, semi high end. Unfortunately this treadmill suffered from what can only be considered a mediocre rating on Amazon, which is probably exactly the reason that the C990 is far more popular, with that being sold for nearly $300 less and rating much more positively. But you do get a few things.

For instance, the Nordictrack gave this treadmill a much bigger motor, a 3.5HP monster! It’s got a couple of fans and a bigger motor case, from reviewers disgruntlement I’m not sure that’s enough… It promises many of the same features as the C990 otherwise, just for $300 more, so why bother?

Nordictrack treadmill review