Proform Treadmill Reviews

So let’s take a look at the Proform offering. In this article I will take a look at a few of their models and discuss the various pro’s and con’s. I will be concentrating on the Proform 400i and Proform 600i.

For those that want the facts fast, I think the best Proform treadmill is…

proform 600i treadmillThe Proform 600i is in my opinion the best Proform Treadmill on offer. At a cost of around $800, it offers exceptional functionality and benefit for a fraction of some of its competitors costs. I would place it on a par in terms of functionality with the Ancheer 6100 for the price of the Ancheer 8100 treadmill! Definitely a bargain in my eyes. 🙂

Proform treadmill review

Proform 400i Treadmill Review

Proform 400i treadmill

Ok, so you’re looking at the 400i? What could be wrong with this? It claims to be: a “Heavy duty treadmill accommodating up to 115kgs”, let me put that in perspective. That is only around 230lbs! They are however offering a 25-year motor warranty. Which is the longest in the industry by far, but what is the point in that if you only get a 1-year parts warranty and the track or some other piece of the treadmill runs out after that first year? Realistically you are never going to keep the same treadmill for 25 years!

However, if you can meet the weight restraints and are in need of a fold up treadmill due to limited space, this could well be a machine for you. 🙂 Why? Well it has all the functionality of the Ancheer 8100, at about a 20% discount… That’s right, a 2.5HP motor, Proshox running track to protect your knees, 18 workout apps and iPod connectivity. For a shade under $600. I mean you sort of have to weigh up with this folding treadmill whether the Ancheer 8100, with its LCD display is worth the extra $150, because that is what this machine is competing with in terms of range. For my money it probably isn’t. Both do the same sort of functions. However, if you don’t meet the weight restrictions, good luck trying to use the warranty on this machine, whereas at least the Ancheer has a higher weight limit and longer warranty.

Proform treadmill review

Proform 600i Treadmill Review

proform 600i treadmill

At a treadmill under $800, the Proform 600i treadmill is a treadmill that is well under the price of the Ancheer 6100 treadmill. In fact, it’s about $750 less! So, is it worth the money? Well let’s look at what the Proform treadmill offers.

325lbs is the weight limit on this machine, to find anything that is close, being the Ancheer 6100, which is rated at over 400lbs. Do you need the 75lbs extra? To be fair if you don’t, the Proform 600i treadmill is extremely well priced for its functionality! At less than half the price of the Ancheer treadmill, you get: incline control for quick incline increases and decreases within 12%, a top speed of 12mph from a 2.75HP motor, 22 workout apps and the ability to link to google maps, It’s a great machine at a fraction of the price of the Ancheer!

Price wise it’s really more on a par with the Ancheer 8100, a machine priced at $750. The extra $50 for this Proform 600i is also an absolute bargain. Features wise the Ancheer treadmill does have an LCD screen, but the rest of the package is a little lacking for me when compared to the Proform 600i.

Proform treadmill review